How to write a service report


One of the key functions of the service technician is completion of the appropriate paperwork. Each workplace has their own style of forms and procedures that are necessary to ensure payment from the customer, or to pay suppliers accounts.

Use the following as a guide and always follow company policies or procedures:

• Complete all relevant paper work for each job while onsite,(do not leave it for later)

• Use plain English for describing what work was carried out, (leave out trade argon and acronyms)

• Always get the customer order number/work order and have the appropriate person sign your service sheet, always write that persons name next to the signature

• Ensure your writing is legible: write neatly and spell correctly – use block capitals if necessary

• Record the details of what equipment was worked on, include model, serial number,location etc

• Use a separate job for each item of equipment worked on

• Include any settings that were made. For example, Low Pressure ‘cut out’ 30 kPa.

• List all parts used including sundry items

• Ensure the unit works correctly BEFORE LEAVING SITE. (Customers will not pay for your time to return and correct your mistakes)

When completing the service report, ensure that you have answered the following questions:

• What is the reported fault?

• What fault (if any) did you find?

• How did you / will you fix it?

• What condition is the unit in now?

• Is any other work /quote required? (This is an opportunity to add value to the job).