UEE51211 Diploma of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering

Core Units of Competency

  • UEENEED104A Use engineering applications software on personal computers

  • UEENEEE038B Participate in development and follow a personal competency development plan

  • UEENEEE117A Implement and monitor energy sector OHS policies and procedures

  • UEENEEE124A Compile and produce an Electrotechnology report:

  • UEENEEJ127A Establish the thermodynamic parameters of refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Windows overall heat transfer coefficients U (PDF)

  • UEENEEJ129A Establish heat loads for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications

  • UEENEEJ164A Analyse the operation of HVAC air and hydronic systems

  • UEENEEJ165A Evaluate thermodynamic and fluid parameters of refrigeration systems

  • UEENEEJ192A Analyse the psychrometric performance of HVAC/R systems.

  • UEENEEK145A Implement and monitor energy sector environmental and sustainable policies and procedures

Elective Units

Complete Elective units to achieve a total of weighting of 130 points - refer to the training.gov.au for the UEE51211 qualification details.

UEENEEJ191A Select residential air conditioning system equipment, components and accessories

  1. Residential Air Conditioning interactive image

Recommended Text Books

Text books may be purchased from the Queensland Text Book Warehouse (QTW) www,qtw.com.au

1. Dossat, R, J., & Horan, T. J. (2008). Principles of Refrigeration (5th edition.). New Jersey: Prentice Hall

2. Alldis, B., & Pantlin, K., (2012). Mathematics for Technicians (7th edition). Roseville. McGraw Hill.

UEENEEE124A Compile and produce an Electrotechnology report